In 2016, the answer is clear.

Your website is one of the most important ways to communicate with the world.  

Your webhost is the key to making sure your site stays safe and secure, while providing you with the latest technology to make your job as a business owner easier.

Don't settle for a webhost that's stuck in the Bush era.  Be sure to join the leader in web hosting technology and use our innovations to your advantage, making your websites great again!

How Insty Will Make Your Websites Great Again

Easy, Secure Hosting

Even a Politician Can Do It!

We know you don't have tons of time to learn how to operate your websites. 

You have things to do, businesses to run.

So we've made our hosting as easy as possible, and we continue to innovate new and refreshing ideas based on how our customers like to work.

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Managed Wordpress

Your sites will love it here.

We've innovated the very first premium WP template installer, so you can have a beautiful WP site from the start. 

Plus with our WP management tools, you can rest easy knowing your sites are well taken care of.

  • 1-Click Install with Premium Templates
  • Automated Updates for core + plugins + themes
  • Simple client area backups and restore
  • 1-Click admin area logins from the dashboard
  • - built in graphic editor, Amz commission tools!

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Communicate Clearly.

Integrated email marketing, so simple, so effective.

Email marketing is such an important part of an online presence, which is why we've included it in every hosting account.

With Insty.mailer, you can effectively communicate with your website visitors, customers and friends without having to purchase another monthly service.

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Drag and Drop Beautiful.

Easiest, Most Intuitive Webpage Builder Ever Created.

Don't have a website yet?  Or are you looking to add new pages to your website without hiring a design firm?

Insty.pages was built for you.

By simply dragging and dropping pre-designed blocks onto a canvas, you can DIY your own awesome looking website.

BTW, This page you're on right now was created with Insty.pages, and in our Knowledgebase you can see a video on exactly how we created it!

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We make websites and marketing easy.

Built by an online marketer, from the ground up.

We've been there before.  We know what you need to be successful online.

Our founder, Nick Jolin has sold millions of dollars of products and services online, and in 2012, after talking with his daughter about setting up an online business, he realized something was critically wrong.

Even though he was able to explain the "bits and pieces" to putting together an online business, putting the technology together for an easy to use system simply couldn't be done.

Nick realized that it actually took him close to 2 years to perfect and properly link his systems together - web hosting, email marketing, wordpress, page builders, etc. 

At that moment, Nick realized his calling.  

With his love for technology and helping people, he knew that he could build a system that includes everything needed to properly market, communicate, and sell online. 

And that's when Insty was born.

Since 2013, Insty has been helping people achieve their online dreams, and together working with our customers, we're proudly innovating new ideas and technologies that make websites and marketing easier by the day.

There will be so much "Winning" coming from your websites.

After joining Insty, 2017 will be HUGE

Casting your vote with Insty will ensure that whoever wins the presidency this fall, you and your websites will WIN in 2017.

There will be so much winning that you will call us to ask us to please stop helping you win so much :)

Remember, we will move your websites from your current host, to us here at Insty for no charge at all so the winning can happen as quickly as possible for you.  We will manage the whole process for you, and just let you know when it's complete.

Unlike empty campaign promises...

Your $1 trial today will get you ALL of Insty:

Limited Time! Insty.pages

Beautiful, responsive websites, landing pages, funnels, & more!

($39/month value)


The most complete Wordpress hosting available.

With Premium Site Template Module!

Insty.mailer Email Marketing

Email autoresponder with no monthly fees, awesome deliverability

($129/mo value)

Free Website Transfers

No hassle, we get you here.

($297 Value) Software

Control your hosting account from your PC. Awesome affiliate tools 

($97 Value)

Insty.forms WP Plugin

Makes your lists grow.

($49 Value)


You'll be qualified to earn 30% per customer MONTHLY when you refer people to Insty. 


We are here to make sure you succeed using our services. 

We have 24/7, 365 support here by phone or email when you need it. 


Don't pass this up. This is HUGE!

Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

Join Insty today, and we will add our page builder, Insty.pages to your account for free, for the life of your account!

Create new websites so quickly and effortlessly.  

Capture leads with our integrated email marketing platform.

Create product and service funnels.  Landing pages in a snap.

Lots of pre-made templates to start from!

Yours FREE when you sign up today.  

This awesome page you are on RIGHT NOW was created exclusively with Insty.pages.

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We are not affiliated with or approved by any candidate or candidates committee.  We simply purchased this domain years ago when someone said they were not running for president...